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We have produced many videos about planting, pruning, packaging, Proper Hand Hygiene and other plant relaited subjects.
We hope you enjoy them and they provide information you can use.

Potting 2016 Plants in 2017

GAP 5 Step Proper Hand Washing

We have worked for a year rooting Blueberry plants from August 2016. On Feb. 7, 2017 we removed the plants and potted them. This video includes Pruning tips, Rooting Tips and Transplant Instructions. GREAT video, approx. 25 minutes. We hope you enjoy this video.
Washing your hands is the first step in healthy food processing. Every person entering into our Packaging Facility is required to wash their hand, and wash them correctly.

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Blueberry plant leaves from our orchard. Use these leaves to compare to your leaves if you are not sure which variety you have.

James L. Matthews III... Owner/Operator

We have been raising fruit since 1987. We expanded our Blueberry opertions in 2010, received our first U.S.D.A. GAP Certification in 2011.

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